Between Passion and Survival

Between Passion and Survival

We have been told by motivated speakers that the path to true happiness in business or career is to “follow your passion”. As much as it sounds logical to say, in reality that is not entirely true.

Maybe for those in well planned economies or societies where electricity, good roads, access to basic education or healthcare services is no longer a unique selling preposition for political campaigns such ideologies may be acceptable.

In Africa, my beloved Nigeria, you need more than passion. A book title by John C. Maxwell reads “Talent is not enough” my own version would be “Passion is not enough”.

Since we all do not live in a world where the rich waits for his poor neighbor to catchup, nor do we live in a country where politicians put the interest of their constituents above their personal ambition. One of my friends would often say “my guy borrow sense” or simply put “be wise”.

Either for business or career, every opportunity we are presented with should be given our best shot. It is wise to focus on our goals at all time. However, never look down on an opportunity that is right in front of you under the excuse of wanting to pursue your dreams or passion at all cost.

When choosing a business to venture into, my personal advice is simply;

  • Understand what people need: this is called potential/your market.
  • Which of these needs are they willing to pay for: I call this your opportunity?
  • Do you currently have the capacity/resources to take advantage of the opportunity: I call this readiness for the market.
  • For those resources you lack, do you know anyone around you that possess such resources you could leverage on?
  • What are the risks or benefits that exist within identified opportunities?
  • Does this opportunity have a specific life span? This will tell you whether it is going to be a long term or short time commitment
  • What stage of the life span are you currently witnessing: this will help you know how much time you have to join the market.
  • Does this opportunity have the potential to evolve into something bigger in the nearest future? Meaning is it a scale-able initiative?

If the above questions are favourable, then you can simply identify which of the identified opportunities appeals to you the most.

Plan to turn your “passion” into a “business setup project” and start with whatever you already have. Our Free SME Business Modeling Template enables you to transform your idea into a executable plan that captures the essence of what you want to do.

When you have successfully built a career or business and you no longer have to worry about what to eat, where to sleep or basic needs of life. Then we can talk about your hobby.

In conclusion, whatever (legitimate) business or opportunity that your hands find to do, do it with all your heart and might.

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