About Kelvin Mbakwe

Kelvin is an entrepreneur with an untamed obsession for daring ventures. A brave thinker whose thoughts are amplified by action. Kelvin holds a BA, Mass Communication and recently completed an Msc. in Mass Communication. His competence covers; Content Development and Digital Engagement, PR, Project Management, Print Production, Process Design and Development, Client Service amongst others.

Kelvin started his professional career in Human Resources and after over 7 years of cognate experience which led him up to the position of Senior Management, he made a career change into the field of Advertising and Marketing. His marketing quest was aided by over 5 years of freelance work as a Creative Designer with some startup AD and Marketing Agencies in Nigeria during his moonlighting days while working as a Human Resources Professional in an FMCG Manufacturing company.

Within a period of 10years, Kelvin has been involved in the setup and management of more than Ten startups that have grown into successful business till date.

He is the CEO of Agama Group which is made up of 4 independent firms within the marketing communication value chain. He is also the Founder of GroundZero a Creative Incubator Platform that seeks to supports SME’s and Startups in Nigeria. A director at SAME Foundation, a non-profit that provides educational supports and scholarship rural families in the southern part of Nigeria.

Wodkah an online content resource is Kelvin’s most recent project that is aimed at providing free valuable contents that empower young professionals in career and business with a special platform for women in business classified as Sheprenor.